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Stonewell Pan - 24cm

Everyone knows that the best pizzas and bread are cooked in stone ovens, and some of the most expensive restaurants now cook on stone plates to get the finest flavour out of food.
Now you can enjoy this culinary experience by re-creating the traditional taste of hot stone cooking – this is Stonewell.

Cooking with the Stonewell pan helps the natural flavours of your foods come out, giving you authentic stone cooking meal after delicious meal.

Stonewell is made up of tiny stone particles bonded together to form a solid stone surface that stores the heat and gradually releases it to the food, allowing you to cook at lower temperatures that cook your food evenly and just right, while locking in the flavour, for that one-of-a-kind traditional taste of stone cooking.

And because almost nothing sticks to Stonewell, virtually no butter, oil, or grease is required so all you taste is the natural flavour of the food. Even gooey melted cheese won’t stick! Your meals are healthy, tasty and clean up is simple! One wipe, and you’re done!

Stonewell cooks on - gas, induction, glass-top and electric.

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